I guess I’m on an alfred workflow kick right now.

Since I started at GitLab, I’ve had trouble with timezones. I’ve got a world clock that gives me all of my teammates timezones in a dropdown, but if I’m trying to schedule time with someone, I have to go do math to figure out if the time I’m scheduling for is a time that they’ll reasonably be working.

To fix this, I’ve written a Timezone Helper workflow. It’s easy, if you type timez into alfred it gives you a list of configured timezones. If you give it a time afterwards, like timez 10:00 it gives you the same list, but the times the equivalent to the one you entered. That way you won’t accidentally schedule a meeting for someone in the middle of the night!

Timezone list with timezones for each specified zone

If you want to add a new zone, you can use timez update <name>, <offset> and it’ll add that name to the list. If you give it an existing name, it’ll update it. (This is useful at DST change time).

Timezone update

If you want to remove one, you can select it from the list then press ⌘ and enter to remove it.

update list view

Anyway, if you work on a distrubted team, maybe this’ll be useful for you!