Where am I? Who is this? What is this about?

Well, I am starting this site as a place to document projects, ideas, reviews, ect. I’m Alex Ives. I’m a Software Engineer, Blacksmith, and sometimes I make other stuff. I like building things a lot, so I guess we’ll see what ends up on here. I live in Minneapolis, MN and I’m a member of Twin Cities Maker at the Hackfactory.

What kinds of things do I do?

Blacksmithing is one thing. I’ve been blacksmithing since 2005, it’s something that I wanted to do full time at one point, but honestly I wasn’t THAT good at it, and I realized that I would probably be more finaincailly comfortable if I went somewhere practical like computers, and it made more sense as a hobby.

Software stuff maybe? When I’m not blacksmithing (which is more often that I’d like), I’m a software engineer in St Paul, MN. Right now, I work for a place called Granicus, working on a few of their smaller products. Occasionally I like to do random software projects, who knows what I’m going to work on now, but maybe it’ll be something cool (probably not really) and I’ll be able to put something worthwhile either on my github or on GitLab.

Some small electronics, I’ve been facinated by keyboards recently, I’m thinking about making my own. Probably I’ll start with an ergodox and move from there.

I do a lot of random projects.

Who knows what else! Some random stuff? Maybe pictures or something?