Since I started working from home, I converted an old stationary bike into something I can use at my desk. I like to put a timer up so that I know I’ve been biking, or standing long enough (or if I’ve been sitting too long). So I built a workflow that allows you to set timers and view and cancel existing ones. It tells you it’s done by putting large text on the screen saying it’s done!

Setting a timer is easy, you just type timer *d *h *m *s into your alfred box. (replace the * with times for days, hours minutes seconds.) Timer set

Then you can view and cancel timers by typing timers, then ⌘+⏎ to remove/cancel the selected timer. Timer list view, says "timers" in the box, has a list with "09:58 Timer with 09:58 left, ⌘+⏎ to remove." and "239:59:47 Timer with 239:59:47 left, ⌘+⏎ to remove."

When the timer is done, it gives you a big image with the notification! Timer done view, says "10s timer is done!"